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Christmas Playlist 2016.

Hey Guys! As it is now December and Christmas is upon us, I feel that I would only be right that I gave you guys the perfect Christmas playlist to get any party or festive mood started.     I hope you enjoy this Christmas playlist and feel free to leave any Christmas songs that… Continue reading Christmas Playlist 2016.

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Chocolate Brownie Recipe.

Hey Guys! As I am a massive fan of brownies, yet I have no effort to bake them myself, I have been on the hunt for the best “brownies in a box” that I could find. I have tried many brands and have found a winner, M&S Chocolate brownie cake mix. So today I am… Continue reading Chocolate Brownie Recipe.

2016 · Favorites · Monthly Favorites

October Favourites.

Hey Guys! How have you been this week? Today I am bringing to you all my October Favourites! 1-Euphoric Mist Body Fragrance in Fruit and Sweet Amber I found this body spray in boots mid October, and I have already had to buy many more cans of it because it smells so good! It is… Continue reading October Favourites.

2016 · Favorites · Products

Berry Red Lips.

Hey Guys! As it is autumn and winter is quickly approaching, I feel like a good red / berry lipstick is a staple when it comes to make up this time of year. Throughout the year I have been buying and testing many different berry and red lipsticks, and I have finally chosen my top… Continue reading Berry Red Lips.

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Halloween Treats.

Hey Guys! As Halloween is drawing ever closer and October is the month of spooky everything, I have decided to make some spooky treats to share with you all. These treats are perfect for a quick snack or for a Halloween party / movie night. Ghost marshmallows Ingredients –            … Continue reading Halloween Treats.

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Autumn Essentials.

Hey Guys! As it is now Autumn and the spooky season is just round the corner, I have decided to bring to you guys today my Autumn Essentials! These are basically all the things that I feel I need for Autumn / October, however your essentials may be slightly different depending on where you live… Continue reading Autumn Essentials.

2016 · Favorites · Monthly Favorites

August Favourites.

Hey Guys. So today I am bringing to you all the things I have been loving throughout the month of August.  1- Revlon Ultra Matte Lipstick  I have been trying to find a drug store liquid lipstick in a shade like this for ages and I have finally found one. These lipsticks don’t completely dry… Continue reading August Favourites.