2017 · Life

Evening Routine in Summer.

Hey Guys! Summer is now rapidly approaching and that means that basically my entire evening routine changes because of the longer nights and warmer temperatures. So, today I shall be sharing with you all my evening routine, summer edition. So to start my evening routine off, I usually begin with taking a shower. The products… Continue reading Evening Routine in Summer.

2017 · Life · Photographs

England at Spring Time.

Hey Guys! It is spring time in England again, which means that today, I shall be sharing with you all another “England at Spring Time”. If you haven’t seen or read any of my previous “England at…” blog posts, they are basically little individual photography blog posts where I share photos of england and the… Continue reading England at Spring Time.

2016 · Life · Lookbook.

Spring Lookbook.

Hey Guys! As it is now approaching the start of the spring season, I decided that it would be a fun idea to share with you all some outfits or outfit ideas that I will most likely be wearing throughout spring. Where possible, I will put where everything is from beneath each outfit. Outfit one:… Continue reading Spring Lookbook.

2017 · Life · Photographs

London Life.

Hey Guys! Today I went to London and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to take some photos and share with you all the London Life. I didn’t visit the whole of central London as I had no real need to, so most of the photos I took and are on this blog post… Continue reading London Life.

2016 · Life · Photographs

England At Winter.

Hey Guys! Today, in true Beeleafblog’s tradition, as I do with all seasons, I am bringing to you all, England At Winter. As it is Boxing Day today, my family and I went out on a walk through some fields and had lunch at a pub, and while on that walk, I decided to take… Continue reading England At Winter.

2016 · Christmas. · Life

Christmas Playlist 2016.

Hey Guys! As it is now December and Christmas is upon us, I feel that I would only be right that I gave you guys the perfect Christmas playlist to get any party or festive mood started.     I hope you enjoy this Christmas playlist and feel free to leave any Christmas songs that… Continue reading Christmas Playlist 2016.

2016 · Cooking · Life

Chocolate Brownie Recipe.

Hey Guys! As I am a massive fan of brownies, yet I have no effort to bake them myself, I have been on the hunt for the best “brownies in a box” that I could find. I have tried many brands and have found a winner, M&S Chocolate brownie cake mix. So today I am… Continue reading Chocolate Brownie Recipe.