2017 · Life

Evening Routine in Summer.

Hey Guys!

Summer is now rapidly approaching and that means that basically my entire evening routine changes because of the longer nights and warmer temperatures. So, today I shall be sharing with you all my evening routine, summer edition.
So to start my evening routine off, I usually begin with taking a shower. The products I use on my hair are Alberto balsam raspberry shampoo, hair culture deep cleansing shampoo and Sainsbury’s coconut conditioner.

I love these shampoos and conditioner as they make my hair silly smooth and soft.

After showering, I then take off all of my makeup from the day and cleanse my face. To do this, I use Clean and Clear truly gentle 3 in 1 face wipes and once a week I use simples smoothing facial scrub.

I have been using this face scrub for years and it works a dream every single time.

After this, I then like to moisturise my body and face using vaselines essential moisture on my body and Olays complete lightweight day fluid on my face. I know that the Olay moisturiser is a day cream, but it works completely fine over night so I see no reason in not using it.

And then to make sure my lips are kept moisturised I like to use Carmex moisturising lip balm in either strawberry or cherry.

Then after I’m all prepared for night, I like to get into bed and relax by either watching Tv or reading a book.
Thank you for reading my blog post, I hope you enjoyed it!

Feel free to comment down below what you evening routine consists of as I would love to try out any products you recommend!

I hope to speak to you soon.

Happy Blogging – Beeleaf xx

All opinions and photos in the post are my own.


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