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Autumn Essentials.

Hey Guys!

As it is now Autumn and the spooky season is just round the corner, I have decided to bring to you guys today my Autumn Essentials!

These are basically all the things that I feel I need for Autumn / October, however your essentials may be slightly different depending on where you live in the world and if so, then I would love to know your autumn essentials in the comments below.

1- A Autumn jumper

I don’t really know what would make a jumper “Autumny” but my jumper isn’t too thin that I will get cold easily, but it isn’t a thick winter jumper that would make me over heat.

The jumper I have is from H&M from either 2015 or 2014 however I think it will be available in store again this autumn. I think it was around £15-£20.

This is probably my favourite jumper because it can be dressed for a lazy day with leggings or trackies, or it can be dressed up by being worn tucked into a skirt with a belt.

2- Boots

I don’t really know whether fashion boots like mine would be more of a Autumn or winter essential but I’ll probably just include it in both.

These boots are from New Look last year and are perfect for Autumn because they are 1- warm, but not too thick and heavy, and 2- comfy enough that you could wear them walking all day! I usually wear these boots dressed with the jumper from above, with either black jeans or a skirt, and once again I feel like they can be dressed up for a Autumn / winter party, or dressed down for a chill day out. 

3- Candles

Candles have scents for all year round, but Autumn / winter scents are 100% the best by far! They are so festive and sweet but spicy, which is one of the best smell combinations ever!

As the Autumn / Halloween candles have only just started to come out, and are literally in non of the shops nearby to where I live, I, so far, only have 2 scents that I have left over from last year. These 2 scents are Spiced Orange and Amber, and Fireside treats. 

These 2 scents are probably 2 of my favourite autumn scents because they are so different. Spiced orange and Amber being so spicy and bold, whereas fireside treats is sweet and subtle. Candles are a Autumn essential as they bring life and character to your home and make you constantly smell festive!

4- Fairy Lights 

I don’t know what it is about them that make a room feel so festive and autumny, but fairy lights are a must for the cold and festive seasons.

Fairy lights, to me, always make a room feel cosy and warm, which is probably why I love them during this season. It’s so cold outside and the weather is horrible, but I’m warm and snug inside with my fairy lights, warm blanket and a good DVD. 

I got my fairy lights last year from Homebase, but you can literally get whatever fairy lights you want, from wherever you want now-a-days.

5- Slipper Socks

I’m not a very big slipper fan in general but when the weather starts to get a bit colder and the floor gets freezing, slipper socks are the saviours of my cold toes.

Slipper socks are so cosy and warm and also come in adorable patterns and designs perfect for the festive season, so maybe that’s why I prefer them over slippers. 

I have a collection of slipper socks I have gathered over the years but I think my favourite ones are my chunky knitted purple ones, that I think I got from M&S last year.

6- A Cosy Duvet Set

When the days are coming to a close, and the cold night is drawing in, there is cosier than heading to bed and getting snuggled up in a cosy autumn duvet! 

My duvet cover is from M&S and I think it was around £20. I really like it is the colours are very seasonal and the fabric it is made from is very thick and soft so it is perfect for keeping you warm when it is cold outside.
Thank you for reading my autumn essentials! If you have any autumn essentials that I haven’t included then feel free to leave them in the comments below and I would love to know.

I hope to speak to you soon!

Happy Blogging – Beeleaf xx


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