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Back To School Essentials.

Hey guys!

This time of year has come around again. The time to go back to school!

Growing up I enjoyed school but one of the best things about school was back to school shopping. I just loved buying new pens, pencils, folders and bag to go back to school with.

Now-a-days I just reuse the one pen and half a pencil I had left over from the last school year. However seeing as though I am going into sixth form, I feel like I should be more prepared with more equipment, and just general essentials, for going back to school.

So today I am bringing to you my back to school essentials!

1-A bag / backpack

A school back is an essential item for school as it makes carrying whatever you need for school easier.

For the past few years I have used a backpack, however as I’m going into year 12 / Sixth-form, I decided to get a nicer, more grown up bag.

The bag I have is a brown, leather look Satule. I got this bag from Accessorize for, I think, £27, which is pretty good for a sturdy yet stylish bag. 

This bag is wider than an A4 folder and has enough storage space for about 5 A4 books and a lunchbox, so it is a decent sized school back that you will definitely be able to carry all your supplies for the school day.

2- A pencil case

Some school bags have enough pockets to hold stationary without needing a pencil case but I always feel that a pencil case is a necessity because it keeps all your stationary together in one place.

The pencil case I have is a grey / blue cylinder pencil case, with lots of little flowers scattered along it. I got this pencil case from The Works but I think you can find similar ones in most supermarkets, such as tesco’s or asda.

I got this pencil case just under a year ago and it is still in good condition. It is large enough to store lots of pens, pencils, rubber, ruler, sharpener and compass, yet it is still small enough to fit in a tiny space in a school bag.

3- A ring binder / folder

Throughout most of secondary / high school, I was always told to buy a ring binder, but I have never actually had to use one because any sheets I got given, I just stuck in my work book. However, in Sixth-form, I don’t think we get given a work book for each subject, so instead we write in notebooks and prices of paper to put in our folders.

Because of this, a ring binder is essential so I can keep all my notes and work in one place. 

The ring binders / folders I have are 3 Pukka binders all in different colours for my 3 subjects. I have one in Navy, one in Purple and one in Turquoise / light blue.

These folders are good because they have a blank index, schedule and note section inside.

I got these folders from tesco’s but you can get similar ones from most supermarkets for around £3 or £4.

4- A A4 notepad

Note pads are essential because they are where you write your notes from your lessons.

The notepad I have is a blue Pukka Pad with green spots. This notepad has 400 pages and is also a refill pad which is good for lots of subjects.

5- Pens

Pens are one of the most important school essntials. 

The pens I have are ball point pens by Zebra. I often change what colour I want to write with to help make my notes easier to revise with, so I bought a multi pack of pens with 5 black pens, 1 blue pen, 1 red pen, 1 green pen, 1 purple pen and 1 pink pen.

6- Tissues

There’s nothing worse than being at school with a cold or runny nose so I always make sure I have a pack of tissues on me.

Because in England we go back to school in September, it means it’s getting colder outside and you are more likely to get a cold, so carrying tissues is a good way to make sure that you don’t spread your cold to other people at school.

I remember one time at school about 3 weeks before Christmas, about 1/3 of the school was off sick because a really bad sick big / cold was getting passed at school.

7- Hand sanitiser 

Leading on from tissues, hand sanitiser is and essential because it can help reduce the risk of an illness being spread.

As well as stopping germs being spread, hand sanitiser is especially good in secondary school because of all the disgusting used chewing gum stuck to the underside of the tables. And there is nothing worse then accidentally putting your hand in some chewing gum and having nothing to wipe or clean your hand with.

8- Deodorant 

Deodorant is especially useful after PE because you’ve just been running around and you can sometimes fell disgusting after PE and one thing that I finds help to freshen me up after PE is deodorant.

Not only does it stop you from sweating, it freshens you up and makes you smell nicer for the rest of the day.

Although beware, if anyone catches scent of your deodorant in the changing room then prepare to lend it to the rest of the year.

9- Makeup and makeup wipes

Now when I say makeup, I don’t necessarily mean the whole shabang, I just mean a little bit of concealer and mascar.

There’s nothing worse than coming out of PE with makeup smudged down your face, so I would recommend bringing some makeup wipes and a little bit of makeup so you can get fix yourself up before going back to class.

This isn’t essential as I know not everyone’s makeup smudges down their face, and not everyone wears makeup, but it’s just a little tip I found out while at school.
Thank you for reading my back to school essentials.

I am aware that I probably didn’t include everything that you need for back to school, but these are just some things that I feel are a necessity for going back to school.

If you do have anything that you find is a back to school essential then please leave it in the comments below as I would love to know.

I hope to speak to you soon!

Happy Blogging – Beeleaf xx


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