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50 Facts About Me.

Hey guys.

Today is the 1 year anniversary of this blog and it’s crazy how many views, likes and followers I’ve gained in a year.

I started this just because I was bored last summer and it’s amazing to think that over the past year, people from all around the world have read and likes my posts.

As you know, I do not share my identity on this blog because I don’t really feel the need to share who I am with the Internet in order to write blog posts. Maybe in the future I will reveal who I am but not today.

However, I thought that I would still share some things about me without revealing my identity, with the 50 facts about me tag!

  1. I hate Nutella
  2. My favourite colours are light blue and light green
  3. I am afraid of the paranormal, the exorcist and the deep sea
  4. The last song I listened to was burning up by the Jonas Brothers
  5. I have 2 piercings, one in each earlobe
  6. My favourite Youtubers are Danisnotonfire, amazingphil and ThatcherJoe 
  7. Right now I really want some double stuff Oreos and milk
  8. My favourite movies are Aladdin, High school musical and stardust
  9. My most embarrassing memory is when I fell down an escalator in front of about 50 people when I was 14
  10. My celebrity crushes are Dan Howell, Phil Lester, Joe Sugg and Niall Horan
  11. My favourite smell is the fireside treats Yankee candle and petrichor 
  12. I have been to 2 concerts so far in my life. One was one direction in 2014 at Wembley stadium and the other was one direction in 2015 at the millennium stadium.
  13. My favourite season/ time of year is Autumn/winter
  14. My favourite ‘holiday’ is Halloween 
  15. I fluently speak English and German and know a small bit of Spanish and Japanese 
  16. I started this blog because I was bored last summer
  17. My favourite food is pizza
  18. My favourite snack is double stuff Oreos with a glass of milk
  19. I have been doing / learning ballet and tap since I was 2
  20. I have a unhealthy obsession of theme parks and going on thrill rides
  21. I get insanely annoyed when people sneeze and keep sneezing more than once
  22. My favourite animal is the quokka
  23. I am currently anxiously awaiting my GCSE results 
  24. My dream for the forseable future is to sudy business photography at university 
  25. When I’m older I want 2 or 3 kids
  26. My favourite books are Paper Towns and The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire
  27. My favourite TV shows are Dance Moms, The great British bake off and Sherlock 
  28. I love the play ‘half a sixpence’
  29. I can cry on demand 
  30. My favourite subject at school is art
  31. My favourite childhood song is the Ryan and sharpay version of ‘what I’ve been looking for’
  32. My current favourite song is cruel by snake hips and Zayn
  33. My favourite theme park is Thorpe park
  34. I first started watching YouTube in 2006
  35. The first YouTube channel I watched was Smosh
  36. My favourite holiday I’ve ever been on is when I went to Disney world in Orlando, Florida when I was 6
  37. My favourite band is One Direction
  38. I have met Joe sugg aka ThatcherJoe 
  39. I love baking
  40. I usually start listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas films in August because of how much I love Christmas
  41. I have seen Dan and Phil aka Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil in real life at TATINOF UK
  42. My dream job is to be a professional photographer 
  43. I get annoyed when people change the plan or want to do something spontaneous 
  44. I really want to travel to LA when I’m older
  45. When I was little my favourite website was club penguin and I would spend hours playing it
  46. When I’m older I would love to die my hair blue
  47. I used to have 2 pet fish when I was little until one day, one ate the other one then it later died of old age
  48. I usually spend my days watching YouTube or Harry Potter 
  49. My favourite Christmas film is elf
  50. My favourite Christmas song is Santa tell me by Ariana Grande

Thank you for reading my post!

It’s crazy to think that I have been doing this for a year now! I wish to carry on doing this for many more years!

I hope to speak to you soon!

Happy Blogging – Beeleaf xx


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