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Derren Brown’s Ghost Train Review. (Mild Spoiler alert)

Hey guys.

So on Wednesday I went to Thorpe Park with some friends, mainly just because we wanted to go on some amazing rollercoasters, but also because we heard that Derren Brown’s Ghost Train had been having technical rehearsals and so we could actually get to go on it after 2 months of waiting.

As Derren Brown has asked to keep what happens in the ride a secret, this post will only contain mild spoilers but won’t give away the main storyline or the main features from the ride.

The actual theming of the exterior (and interior) of the ride is incredible! The main building has been designed to look like an abandoned train station, that has been vandalised and destroyed, it is also covered in posters about people wanting to stop fracking in the tube lines and in general. The whole of the queue line has also been themed to suit the Victorian style train station with wooden beams and decorative nuts and bolts scattered inbetween some of the queue paths.

The actual ghost train ride is insane! The quality of the VR is amazing and the storyline is so well pieced together that it almost feels real and that it is truly happening in front of you.

However one thing I have found is that it isn’t as scary as it was hyped up to be. Yes, the average person would probably scream and get psyched out by the thought of some of the things that happen in the ghost train, but for people who aren’t really afraid of horror or just enjoy the feeling of fear, it is just a fun and entertaining experience.

I went with on with one friend who is terrified of horror movies and hates rollercoasters and even though they were scared by the actors and the VR, they said they thoroughly enjoyed it and definitely want to go on it again.

Overall, it is an amazing ride that I highly advise for people to go on (you have to be over 13 to go on it), and Derren Brown has managed to create a ride that really immerses you into horror experiences and leaves you questioning whether your memories of the ride are true or if it was just a figment of your imagination!

I hope you enjoyed reading my review of Derren Brown’s Ghost Train at Thorpe Park. Please leave your reviews of the Ghost train or any rides or theme parks you recommend in the description as I would love to check them out!

Thanks for reading and I hope to speak to you soon!

Happy Blogging – Beeleaf xx

All opinions in this review are my own.


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