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Spring Nails.

Hey Guys.

I have been on half-term for the past 2 weeks and because I wasn’t at school, I decided it was the perfect time to try some nail art and paint my nails.

So, as we are approaching summer, I have decided to share with you what I have been painting on my nails, and how.

How I achieve neat nails every time-

When painting my nails, I used to always get messy nails, no matter how hard I tried to keep them neat, however I realised that they always looked messy because I was trying to cover the entire nail (cuticle and all) with nail varnish, leaving a messy finish. So to avoid this messiness, leave a tiny gap in between the nail varnish and the edges of your nail. This will stop the varnish from getting in your cuticles and from making your nails messy.

Step 1- Paint a base coat of white on all your nails.

Painting a white base coat first will help the other colours you put on your nails stand out and look brighter.  

Step 2- Paint a thin coat of the colour you want on your nails.

If you apply nail polish in thin coat, then it will dry quicker and, ultimately, you are less likely to smudge it.

Step 3- Build up thin layers of nail varnish until you reached the desired look.


Step 4- Apply a top coat to seal in the varnish.

By applying a top coat, the nail varnish is less likely to chip meaning you will have longer lasting nails. I have always found that a matte top coat is stronger than a glossy top coat.


1- Blue and White Nails

I would have to say that this is my “go to” nail look as it is simple, yet the colours are so spring / summery, it makes any outfit look more suitable for summer.


2- Polka dot Nails

I love polka dot nails because they are so simple to do but look adorable. The way I achieve polka dots on my nails is either by using the end of a bobby pin, or using cocktail sticks.

3- Matte Green and White Nails

Combining 2 colours that work together can make your nails look that bit nicer, and in spring and summer I like to mix bright colours like pastels or light colours because they have more of a fresh summery vibe. Recently I have been loving Matte nails, so I decided to take one of my old nail looks of green and white, and add a matte top coat.

4- Daisy Nails

Nail art is something that I try to stay away from because I just can’t do it, however, I love painting small little daisies onto my nails because they are easy to do (I use a bobby pin or cocktail sticks), and they are such a spring / summery flower.

The nail varnishes I used are –

Barry M – Matte Top Coat

Barry M – Road Rage

Barry M – Matt White

Claire’s – Silver

Maybelline Colour Show – Pow Green

Thank you for reading this blog post about what nail designs I like to do in spring and summer. Leave a comment below saying which of my 4 designs you liked best and tell me what you love to paint on your nails during spring and summer and I would love to try out some of your designs.

I hope to speak to you soon

Happy Blogging – Beeleaf xx



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