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Natural Collection Review.

Hey guys.

There are thousands of different make up products available now a days and while I would love to talk about the high end and expensive ones, I am going to start with the simple make up that I tend to use more often than others.

So, today I am here to review The Natural Collection. I believe that these are some of the cheapest make up products available in the UK, however I don’t know if they are available in other countries.

The Natural Collection was probably the first brand of make up that I started wearing mainly because it was cheap, but even though is isn’t the most expensive, well established or best make up available on the market, it is surprisingly good and I still use it to this day. I believe that this is Boots own make up collection however I am not 100% sure.

The Natural Collection do a whole range of products, from concealer to mascara, and eye shadow to nail varnish. I own a few products that I have either bought for myself or been given as presents, so I though I would review them for you today.

1- CoverUp Cream / Concealer

For a cheap concealer, it is amazing. I tend to only use this Concealer under my eyes after moisturising and it really does hide dark circles and can easily hide spots. This concealer is quite thick however it still allows my skin to breath, which is important when trying to keep your skin spot free and healthy. I have to use the lightest shade which is called “fair”, because of how pale my face is, and while it does its job of covering dark circles, if I use too much it can make under my eyes look dark and different colour to the rest of my face. Some of my friends who have tried it have said that it went grey if they wore it for too long but apart from that, they said they would defiantly buy it again and use it on a daily basis.

Overall rating: 8 / 10

2- Pressed Powder

Like with the concealer, it is really good considering it is cheap, however I wouldn’t consider using this powder again. While it may come in a few skin tones, no matter which shade I went for, it didn’t look good. The tones were always way too dark to use under my eyes when setting my concealer, even if I only used a small amount, yet if I used the same powder on different parts of my face, it would always look too light compared to under my eyes. If you have used this product and its fine, then I am envious. I don’t know whether it is the product or my skin but it just doesn’t work and I don’t know why. When my friend tested it, she said it worked fine and looked alright on her face for about 4 hours then it slowly started to come off. So overall, it works for some people however it doesn’t have the best endurance for staying on your face. (Disclaimer – This is meant to be a pressed powder however because of me dropping it so many times, it has broken apart.)

Overall rating: 5 / 10

3- Due eye shadow (Blackcurrant and violet)
I believe that I received this due eye shadow when I was about 9 and even though that was about 7 years ago, it still looks fine as a eye shadow and applies smoothly. Both of the colours are very pigmented which is good because you don’t have to use as much to cover your eyelid, however because of its intense pigment, it can bed hard to take off and can become really intense if you apply too much. Overall it is a really good eye shadow and I would recommend getting it and the various other colours it is available in.
Overall rating: 8 / 10

4- Liquid eye lines

I tend to wear eye liner on a daily basis so getting a good eye liner is very important for me and I can honestly say that the Natural Collections black liquid eye liner does the job. It has a thick consistency which is good for applying a thin dark line across my eye lid and it stays put and doesn’t smudge for the whole time I wear it, which is about 15 hours. The eye liner has a thin brush which you use to apply the eye liner and while some people, including me, like using a thin brush to apply eye liner, some people find it hard and annoying. So I would defiantly recommend that you buy this product if you like using brush applicators.

Overall rating: 10 / 10

5- WaterGuard mascara (black / brown and black)
When it comes to mascaras, they need to be able to do 3 things. 1- make my eyes look more awake, 2- not make my eyelashes clump together and 3- not smudge easily. And the waterguard mascaras by The Natural Collection do all three of these things. They are easy to apply and the applicator separates your lashes so they still look full but they don’t clump together and also, because they are waterguard, they don’t smudge or get easily washed away with water. However the only problem with them being waterguard is that they are quite hard to wash off at the end of the day, but with the right make up remover it is easy.
Overall rating: 9 / 10

6-Moisture Shine Lipsticks (Berry Sorbet and Cherry Red)

Lipsticks are important to me when it comes to makeup and I feel like they complete the look. Whether you’re going out, meeting friends or going to work or school, the Natural Collections moisture shine lipsticks moisturise your lips while also adding lots of colour or just a little splash. My 2 favorite lipstick colours from The natural collection are Berry Sorbet and Cherry red because they can both be worn as casual colours or formal / dressed up colours. These lipsticks are very long lasting and don’t smudge or smear everywhere.

Overall rating: 10 / 10

In my opinion, The Natural Collection is one of the best drugstore make up brands that I have used.

Thank you for reading my blog and comments down below what your favorite drugstore make up brands are.

Speak to you soon.

Happy blogging – Beeleaf xx





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