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Top 5 books.

Hey Guys.

I have always been a fan of books and the past few years have seen some of the best books written.

There have been many new books from established authors, new authors, celebrities and even Youtubers. So today I am going to be telling you guys my Top 5 books. 

1-Paper Towns by John Green

I love this book. It is packed with funny moments, adventures and love. I think that I read it within the space of a week because it was so good. I had read the fault in our stars which is how I found out about paper town because they are both by John Green who is an amazing author. When I heard that there was a film coming out I was so excited, but then I went to see the film and to be honest, I was quite disappointed. The film changed and missed parts of the story, so I would definitely recommend reading the book instead of seeing the film.

2- USERNAME: Evie by Joe Sugg

So here we are, the fist youtuber book of this list. When I found out that Joe was writing a book, I was extremely excited because I have been a fan of him for years but then I thought, Joe doesn’t seem like the kind of person who could write a book, so I was quite nervous to see what it would be. I was completely wrong to be nervous. The book was a comic book style graphic novel and it was amazing! The story was well written and the style and drawings were amazing. I feel as though this book would be perfect for people between the age bracket of 10 – 16 although this can vary depending on whether you are into comic books or not. I was lucky enough to go to Joe’s Book signing in the UK. You can read about that more in my blog post – Youtuber excitement.

3- The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

This series of books have been some of the best written books that I have ever read. They are so action packed and descriptive that you won’t want to put it down. When the first two films for The Hunger Games were released I wasn’t really interested in going to see them but then I watched them at my friends house a few months later and my whole opinion changed. I bought all three books and read them in the space of about 20 days. Then when MockingJay part 1 came out, I went to see it on it’s opening night and it was amazing, sadly, I still haven’t seen part 2 because I haven’t had the time. So, you should definitely read the books and watch the films.

4- Divergent by Veronica Roth

I actually saw the film before I read this book. I had never heard of the Divergent series until I saw the first film round my friends house, but after I had seen it I went straight out and bought the book. It is an amazingly written book with amazing description and action packed sections. I highly recommend reading this book then watching the film after, this is because when reading the book after seeing the film, I couldn’t use my imagination to see the story line I just had the film in my head. But overall it is an amazing read.

5- The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire by Dan Howell (aka danisnotonfire) and Phil Lester (aka Amazingphil)

This book is a must have if you are a fan of Dan and Phil, and if you’re not, then it makes a great tea and coffee coaster. The Amazing Book Is Not In Fire is basically a book all about the world of Dan and Phil. It talks about their origin stories, the time they met One Direction, their trip to Japan, what actually happened in Vegan and much much more. It is one of the funniest books I have ever read and it told me a lot about Dan and Phil that I didn’t previously know. Even if you aren’t a fan of them you should get it because after you have read it then you will definitely be interested in them and their videos. When the book got released, on October 8th 2015, they kicked off their tour – The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire- which I was lucky enough to go to, and you can read more about what happened in it and how amazing it is in my blog post, Youtuber excitement. So, I definitely recommend getting this book as I couldn’t put it down when I was reading it and I literally couldn’t stop laughing while reading it.


Thank you for reading this post and please leave your favorite books in the comments below as I would love to read them! I hope to speak to you soon.

Happy Blogging – Beeleaf xx


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