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Exam Stress.

Hey Guys.

I am currently facing the wonderful things called exams!

Oh the joys of exams. Studying for hours on end and not getting enough sleep, yet it all pays off… most of the time.

So, because I am so kind, I have decided to put away the study books and write a blog post.

10 ways to avoid the stress of exams!

I don’t know whether any of these techniques actually work btw, but they have helped me so maybe they will help you!


I’m sure we all have those late night study or homework sessions… AVOID THEM!

Staying up late just means you won’t get enough sleep and so you’ll be tired and even more stressed!

Yes I know you have that homework due tomorrow and I know you will say you have to do it otherwise you will get a detention, just don’t do it! I shouldn’t be saying “don’t do your homework” because you really should, but if you are not getting enough sleep then it’s just not worth staying up even later because you are just harming yourself!

2- (as a follow up to number 1…) DO YOUR WORK WHEN YOU GET IT!

So you can avoid doing homework the night before, just do it the night you get it!

I have to admit, I am a bit of a hypocrite because I don’t always do work the night I get it, but on the occasions that I do, I always feel more satisfied and awake in the mornings  and evenings because  I don’t have the stress of doing my homework on my shoulders!

3- EAT!

If you starve yourself of nutrients and food because you are too busy revising then you will always feel stressed!

If you make sure to eat 3 balanced meals a day then you won’t feel ill, you won’t get ill and you will just feel more happy overall!


By drinking water you will feel more hydrated and refreshed and you will have less headaches. This will make it easier for you to concentrate on what you are doing so you will be able to take in more information.

Also, drinking water makes your skin healthier, so you will be looking good while taking those exams!


You need to focus on you!

Ignore all of those people who are going around saying how good they are because they are getting nothing from doing that!

If you just focus on yourself and what you are doing then you won’t get put off of school from what anyone else is doing and you won’t get annoyed if people do better than you because in this whole world, they mean nothing to you.


Exercise, ugh, I know. But exercise is helpful because it helps to de-stress your mind and make you more alert with what is going on around you.


Hyperventilating and short quick breaths are a sign of being stressed or worried, so just take a minute to slow down your breathing and focus on yourself. Take a step back from your exam or revision and just focus on getting your breathing back to normal.


If you can see or notice yourself becoming stressed out, then you can stop it quicker.

If you feel yourself becoming stressed, then go back to number 7.

Exams may be timed, but if you are becoming stressed then take a small bit of time to sit back and relax. If you are relaxed then you can concentrate on your work better.


If you study for hours on end, then you will become a wreck.

Create a schedule of your study time so that you can set aside time to just relax and get school and exams off your mind.

And when you do take that break, stay well away from that study zone!


I know it is an obvious tip but many times I have been so stressed about the exam that I have forgotten to revise all together. And we can guess how that went.

When you are in that exam, those hundreds of hours of YouTube that you have watched will not help you!

It is important to not overwork yourself but when you can, always sneak in a small bit of revision!

Yes, these exams may be extremely important but there will be a time after exams when you will look back and wonder why you were ever so stressed! You’re a teenager, live a little.


Hopefully I will be able to write to you guys next week but until then, leave in the comments below any funny exam stories or tips on avoiding stress that you have.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and I will see you again soon.

Happy blogging – BeeLeaf xx



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