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YouTube Excitement. *Tatinof Spoiler Alert*

Hey Guys,

This past week has been the most best and most exciting week ever!

On Sunday the 25th of October I went to go see Dan and Phil’s “The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire” show in Birmingham. This was one of the best nights ever and I hate to say it but I actually enjoyed it more than the 2 times I have seen One Direction. (I will talk about that in a later post)

I know Dan hates spoilers and they don’t want people to know what happens in the show but, because I don’t have many views anyway and also the tour is nearly over, then I may as well write about it so at least I can have it written down as a memory for myself in the future.

So, upon arriving at the symphony hall in Birmingham you could definitely tell it was a Dan and Phil event because about 99% of the crowd had cat whiskers drawn on their faces and either wore Dan and Phil merchandise or was wearing clothes that represent Dan and/ or Phil. Myself, I didn’t have cat whiskers drawn on my face because I didn’t really want to be walking around Birmingham in the middle of the night with whiskers drawn on my face, however I did wear clothes that represent Dan. I wore black skinny jeans, a dark coloured patterned top, and a black leather jacket.

The symphony hall was MASSIVE! I was so proud of Dan and Phil when I walked in and saw how many seats there were and how high up and far back the seating went! Not only was the venue massive, but i also believe that the Birmingham 7:30 pm show was the fastest or one of the fastest tour dates to sell out.

The seats that I managed to buy were second row. SECOND ROW! Out of this whole entire place, I was going to be in eye view for Dan and Phil, I felt like one of the luckiest people in the world! As the venue was filling up, Dan and Phil had created a playlist of songs for the audience to listen to before the show arrived and it was an amazing playlist. There were songs which I had never heard before and also songs that brought me memories of my childhood. New Americana by Halsey is now definitely one of my favorite songs ever!

As soon as the first few notes of Breaking Free from High School Musical played, the whole audience was sent into a frenzy of screaming and singing. This was such a magical moment because the whole audience was singing along and it sounded amazing. This was the same with Anaconda and Wild.

When the show started, and the lights dimmed, the whole audience started screaming and cheering and the ground started shaking from how loud the sounds were coming out of the speakers. Then we heard a ding and this gigantic microwave which was in the center back of the stage opened and Dan and Phil walked out, and it was the start of the best show ever!

The show was full of jokes and funny sketches, including one fan fiction bit where the audience chose what was going to happen, and lets just say that Phil had to paint Dan like a french girl. One of my favorite bits of the show was when Dan lost the 7 second challenge so Phil got to do some magic tricks. Phil performed it so well that anyone would of thought he was a professional magician, but in the magic trick section, Phil magicked up first, some popcorn. Dan started to eat this popcorn but then came down to where myself and loads of other people were sat in the crowd and he gave us the popcorn to eat. Like literally he just threw it at us. Then Phil made some mini bags of malteasers appear and Dan started throwing them to the audience. Over on my section of the audience, Dan tried throwing a pack up to a higher tier of the audience but his had slipped and ended up literally skimming my head. At the end of the show, Phil started to sing a song, and this was by far the most entertaining bit of the show. They did a whole musical number with dancing and singing, and they wore tail coats, bow ties and hats! It was so cleverly done and when the DVD of their tour comes out I highly recommend buying it or seeing it because it was truly amazing!

image1 (1)

The next exciting YouTube thing that happened to me this week was that I got to go see and meet Joe Sugg on his “Username:Evie” book tour.

I was so nervous about meeting him because I have been watching him for years and i’m a massive fan so when I managed to get tickets, I actually started to cry with happiness.

Once again, the venue for the book signing was in Birmingham, and because the venue was quite small, we had the smallest signing of only 500 people.

When in the queue, all of these speech bubbles were being passed around and everyone was posing for photo’s with them. And then the time came. First all we could hear was screaming coming from outside, (I had gotten there early so I was already inside the building near the front of the queue) and then the screaming started inside. Joe made his way up the stairs and waved from a balcony across the the other balconies where we were all stood in the queue.

As the queue started to move and I started nearing the front, I was a wreck. I was shaking and stuttering so in order to calm myself down I just has to start talking to someone. So who better to talk to than one of Joe’s security guards who were stood next to me. We actually had a really nice chat and he really helped to calm me down because he was so understanding about the situation.

Then came the time for me to walked through the doors and meet Joe Sugg. I was calmer now but I was still shaking so much that I couldn’t stand still. When I walked through the door everything felt like a dream. Joe was stood there smiling at me and he pulled be into a hug, and can I just say, Joe gives the best hugs ever. He just kinda wraps his arms all the way around you then he squeezes you slightly and he smells amazing! Anyway, when we pulled away from the hug, he saw I had a letter for him and he asked if it was for him and I was just kinda in a daze and said yeah. But being me I then had to start speaking again and say “Sorry Joe, it’s just so weird ans surreal seeing you in real life, you look so different!”. Then he kinda just gave me a smile and said he understands what I mean and then… he called me love. I started to fangirl right there but I wanted to keep my cool and not show it so I just smiled until he asked me what my name is. I told him and he said I have a lovely name and there went the butterflies again. When we were about to take the photos together, he saw how much I was shaking and took my phone off me and took the photos himself so that they weren’t blurry. Once the photos were taken and I said thank you, it was the end. He gave me another hug and said “Thanks for coming love, have a nice day” so I just said “you too, bye” and walked off starting to cry with happiness at the fact that I just met my idol.

And that was the end.

Sorry for such a long blog post, I just had so much that I wanted to include.

If you have ever met any of your idols or just any celebrity or youtuber then please tell me about your experience down in the comments.

Have a fun week and I will speak to you again soon!

Happy Blogging – Beeleaf xx


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