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Favourite Things!

Before we get to far into this blog life, I feel as though whoever is reading this has the right to know some things about me. I won’t get into details about specific bits of my life, or drone on about boring things that no-one cares about. But all I will do is lightly skim the surface of my personality and describe to you, some of my favourite things.


That’s a fun topic which lots of people know of.

I’m one of your bog-standard people who listen to whatever is popular. And whatever is popular, you will most likely find in my spotify playlist. I do like certain musicians, or should I say, certain bands… cough*One Direction*cough …but I don’t really care what is playing on the radio.


On the rare occasion that I find myself watching TV, I don’t tend to watch what is actually on on the TV, but more what TV show’s are on Netfilx.

You see, in the UK, unless you want to pay a lot of money per month, most people don’t have a lot of the channels that are in America. And lets face it, most of the entertaining TV shows are only on American TV.

There are some good English TV shows, like the other night, there was this one TV show called ‘Very British Problems’, and it basically summed up how awkward we are as a nation when it comes to socializing. I believe it is on every Thursday night, but i’m not sure. So next week you will probably get a rant from me on how stupid they make us sound as a country, but lets be honest, we are.


95% of my life is spent watching hours upon hours of youtube videos. The other 5% is spent either, eating, sleeping, on twitter, on tumblr, or, on rare occasions, going outside and socializing with other humans.

I love youtube, not because it helps me to procrastinate when I have an important exam coming up, but because it can give normal people, like you and I, the chance to be seen and recognized doing something we love. Celebrities are something lots of people aspire to be like, and the youtube community gives people a chance to become an online celebrity, youtube stars can make the world a better place by being more suitable role models for young children and teenagers.

Take Zoe Sugg (Zoella) for example, she started off as a small blogger, like myself and look at her now. She has a second book coming out and she has over 8 million subscribers. But she hasn’t let all this fame and recognition go to her head. She does charity work, raises money for less privileged people, and she is constantly giving back to people who have supported her throughout the whole thing.

I also love youtube because it gives you a chance to ‘get to know’ other people who are like yourself. One of my favourite youtubers is Danisnotonfire, and as well as being entertained by his sarcastic and witty jokes, he has allowed me to meet hundreds of other people like myself through his videos. And also hiself and Phil have given thousands of people the chance to see them in real life at their tour. They are giving back to the community who got them to where they are today.

I feel like I have rambled on so I will stop here.

To someone out there, thank you for reading my blog. Leave in the comments below who your favourite youtubers are and why you love them. And also list in the comments below what your favourite TV shows are.

Happy BloggingBeeLeaf xx


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